Imperium Dekadenz – Into Sorrow Evermore (ALBUM) ALBUM/EP

Imperium Dekadenz – Into Sorrow Evermore (ALBUM)

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On January 20, 2023, Germany’s Imperium Dekadenz will release their new album, Into Sorrow Evermore, via Napalm Records and adorned by the symbolic Faces of Sorrow carvings by Simon Stiegeler as the visual symbol for this new chapter. Tremolo picked riffs and elegant melodies will shine in contrast to an otherwise menacing black metal display signature to the duo’s celebrated craft. Lead single Memories…A Raging River braces audiences for this striking endeavor.

The band comment on the lead single:

“A look at a time that left no traces and was irretrievably swept away as if by a raging stream. Brachial guitar lines meet melancholic, filigree melodies, shaken by poignant, touching cries from an endless abyss. Resolutely we step into an approaching darkness.”

Stream Memories…A Raging River below and pre-order the record HERE

Imperium Dekadenz – Into Sorrow Evermore Lyrics and Tracklist

  1. Into Sorrow Evermore
  2. Truth under Stars
  3. Aurora
  4. Elysian Fields
  5. Forests in Gale
  6. Awakened Beyond Dreams
  7. November Monument
  8. Memories… a Raging River



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