Monster Florence Prepares For Their “Master System” Album With “Spaceman” Single ALBUM/EP MUSIC

Monster Florence Prepares For Their “Master System” Album With “Spaceman” Single

For those of you specifically looking to check out something a little bit different this weekend, we’ve got a new single from Monster Florence. The alt hip-hop group hails from the UK. They’re chiefly known for tracks like “Deck Of Cards,” “26 Ghosts,” and “Borstal.”

Their latest arrival, though, is “Spaceman.” It’s due to appear on their upcoming album and finds the artists showing out across the vibrant new offering.

Image provided to HNHH by FILMAWI

“‘Spaceman’ tells very personal stories of our childhoods, a journey of trying to escape the realities of what we were faced with. A common story for many and something we hope resonates with people and their own version of those memories,” a press release explains of the group’s latest effort.

Previously, Master Florence shared “Relax,” which will also appear on next month’s Master System album. Its official release is due for February 10.

Speaking on that, the exciting effort, the group has said, “The quick rise of the digital age has opened a sort of Pandora’s box. Some innovations are designed to connect and enhance our lives, and others are a mockery of life itself. We hang digital art on digital walls to impress digital friends, and meanwhile the world burns.”

Additionally, they add, “‘Master System’ delves into the future effects of technology on the world by reaching to the past. Movies like ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Total Recall’ were big inspirations. They imagined a retrofitted vision of the future; one where high-tech flying cars operate over a decayed industrial landscape.”

Stream Monster Florence’s “Spaceman” on Spotify or Apple Music below. Afterward, tell us your thoughts on the new single in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

Flyin’ out of space but I’m runnin’ out of time
Devil in the crosshairs, got him outside
Runnin’ down, 20 rounds straight
‘Til you run it out


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